Efficient way to bypass obstructions to get approximate distances


I am hoping to construct a platform, that will have multiple adjustable parts. This means the three lines (green, pink, and blue), will change

To get the distance of the purple line, I had to make a ‘fake floor’ object. The floor is parallel with the bottom tip pointed at by the pink arrow in the 2nd picture. The top part of the pink line, lines up with the bottom rear/outward edge of the suspended shelf, pointed by the green arrow in the 2nd image.

How would I get this distance of the pink line efficiently and precisely, without resorting to the ‘fake floor’?

I would also like to get the distance of the blue line. The left part of the blue line is supposed to align with the floor the base of the platform touches (green arrow), while at same time directly below the edge of the object pointed at with the double sided arrow…

A quick and efficient way to get the distance of the blue line, would also be appreciated.

This is the the .skp file: 014_get distances.skp (864.3 KB)


I probably didn’t understand what you are after but I read your post about 6 times. Are these the dimensions you want? I put a guideline on that side rail at where I understood you wanted the dimension to start because you need some sort of endpoint or intersection to anchor the dimension to. Assuming you’d need to reference that point more than once, you might edit the group and add a line segment there.

As for placing the dimensions, all I did was anchor the ends at the points in the model and drag them out. Nothing special.


Yes. The image represents what I’m trying to achieve.

It seems the method is draw multiple guide lines, and then overlap the dimensions tool on the guide line of the desired area.

My main question in regards to guide lines is how would I proceed to draw a guideline that overlaps two different guidelines on different planes? i.e. one that corresponds to the blue line and another that corresponds to the green line.

1:15 of the following video, shows where I’d like to draw a straight grid that will intersect both grid lines displayed.


I don’t understand why you need so many guide lines. I only used one and didn’t really need to. I only used it because a short line segment wouldn’t show.


Click an endpoint on relevant geometry and move the dimension tool to suit what dimension you want it to show.