Editing multiple same items..not components or groups

Maybe I did not need to do it…but in order to make item Solid for 3D printing. and before intersecting items, I exploded all the Components I used.

Now I have lots of parts that I need to change again…is there a way to re select 6 items, and then allow them all to be edited by editing just the one

I made some cable clamps, 8 of them in total and need to make them all 'deeper ’ for bigger cable…I can do them one at a time obviously…but it is then a matter of doing the same thing to each one

So how can I re group them all in to a 'Single Component and then just edit that one

Simplest way would be to hit undo a few times.

If you can’t undo, or go back to an older version with components, delete all but one, make it into a component again, or drag one out of the component browser if it hasn’t been purged, then copy it to where the others were.

Ah yes, that is what I had been down g…deleting and making one a component and then replacing…was wondering if there was an easier way…

Like select 6 components and ‘click make one’ or similar

If it was really an issue there are a couple of plugins that when combined with some effort would work for what you need, but it would need to be something complex.
There is a plugin that will take multiple selections of loose geometry and make them into individual groups, then you can use another plugin to select all those groups and convert them into components, then you can replace the mixed components with one specific one.

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