Editing After or During the SketchUp Process

I am a SketchUp beginner. I thought I would SketchUp a fairly simple project, such as a picture frame. Keeping in mind that I want to make a variety of frames, same basic design, however the frame dimensions would vary. Does anyone have any advise when creating the drawing that would make editing easier after the original drawing is complete? I find it frustrating when I’ve made a mistake or just want to edit a section, so any advise about editing would be appreciated.
TIA, Dave

Not for beginners perhaps, but you could use Dynamic Components to create frames with some common features and certain variables (like width or height). They are not used to correct drafting errors but for quickly creating variations on a common theme. But be warned: they will drive you potty!

If it’s just a profile (rather than something like an egg & dart) then I would set up a series of flat sections as profile components (saved out), then simply draw a box - type in x,y and use the “follow me” tool to create the frame.

Even things like fancy corners I would just have one component that I could drop on top of the newly created frame, then mirror it. Repeat embossing patterns, again I would use a component and the array function.