Editing a Copy & Pasted Group

i’m creating two walls frame, i first done one and then copy paste for the second one, but the second wall need to have stud 9’ instead of 8’ but when i select one stud to (push/pull) it to the good size the same stud on the first wall do the same thing but i only want the second wall to be taller ?

It seems that you made the first wall frame into a component or the studs are copies of a component. So when you try to lengthen one stud, all the other studs will follow. You need to select the second wall component. Right click on the context and select “make unique”. From this point on you can change the studs in the second wall without affecting the studs in the first wall. Hope this helps.

If they are group copies,…there is no “make unique” command. You need to double click the second group and enter edit mode. make your changes. This will automatically make the edited group unique. If the studs are also groups, you’ll need to do the same, edit one to make a unique stud group.