Editing 3D Warehouse Component

OK thanks, I will give that a go.

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So having done the window board, I wanted to install some window bars.

Its odd though because the size of the components I am now importing are huge. This applies to newly imported and original components i.e. the window component I used that forms the subject of this thread is now massive, and so much larger then it was originally. Do you know why this would occur?

OK so I have just realised I have managed to scale down my entire work by 50% hence the components I am using appear so large.

Not sure how this has happened, but I am hoping I can simply scale all my work by -50% in one hit?

So your house is only half as big as it should be? You’ll have to duck to go through the door!

You can select the stuff that needs to be scaled up and scale it up by a factor of 2. That would be the inverse of scaling down by 50%.

Thanks for that. Managed to scale it back to its original.

Spent forever scratching my head trying to get window bars to fit, not realising my original model had halved in size.

Steep learning curve…!

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So I’ve finally finished modifying the window and wanted some feedback as to whether it will look realistic after rendering with Vray. I realise it is dependant upon whats done in Vray but as a sketchup base model is it OK?

I have not used Vray before, or sketch up, so wanted to check, before I go any further and replicate the windows for the remainder of the house, that it will look good once rendered.

Also the floor plan shown was locked but somehow its reduced in scale. Any ideas how or why this has happened?Floor Plan.zip (1.2 MB)

I don’t use Vray so I can’t tell you much about how your model will render in it but I see some issues with Z-fighting in the glass where you have multiple faces trying to share the same location.

As for the floorplan being locked, right click on it and choose Unlock.

The window bars and glass?

Actually, the whole window needs some work. The flickering is a sign of Z-fighting.

Hmm… that looks pretty bad actually. Not sure where to start, the whole thing almost appears to be flickering.

I don’t know what to tell you. I’d probably start by rebuilding the window basically from scratch to make sure the entire thing is built properly. I’d take the cross section of the frame and make a new frame and then add the other details making sure to make clean components that all report as solid. I’d do it for you if I had time. I don’t right now but maybe later.

I know why the glazing and bars are flickering - the glass was whole and I built the window bars and simply moved them into position. So I suppose the bars and glass are fighting for space?

Not sure why the other areas are flickering though.

If I were drawing it, I would make it more like a real window is built with the mullion bars between two pieces of glass.

I see. So rather than a single solid piece of glass as shown, show the inside and outer panes of glazing separately, with the bars in the window cavity.

Yes. You might play with hiding the inside faces of the glass panes to avoid Z-fighting where the bars touch the glass but that may not come into play in Vray.

I’ve changed the Sketchup.zip (1.2 MB)
window so its two panes of glass with the glazing bars within the cavity. And have hidden the inside faces of the glass, however the glass still appears to be flickering?

Lets try again - the glazing bars had moved to the outside of the glazing. Seems to have a mind of its own. This one has been correctedSketchup.zip|attachment (1.2 MB)

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