Edit watermark position


Something in SU PRO 2023 is not going quite right in the display of the watermark position. See screenshot.

Am I in the right place to make this known to the SU team?

What is your display scaling factor? SketchUp supports up to 150% after which things like this start to happen.

Hi Anssi,

I work with a MacBook M1 Pro. Via the built-in display (16-inch (3456x2234). The scaling factor of the MacBook is ‘Standard’, so 100%.

Thanks, I logged a bug report about this. I included my own screenshot, and also this video of @TheOnlyAaron showing (and apparently not being bothered by) the problem:

I think that ‘Ra’ is the start of the words Radio Button. Seven of the buttons have their label setting turned on.

Thank you Colin. These are enough examples for the developers to fix this I think.