Edit Group + Face Closure Help

Very basic stuff here.
This is a brand new file with the first and most basic lines and shapes.

First question:
I have two Groups: 1.) Slab Existing and 2.) Slab New.
When I select one Group to edit - the other Group disappears. I have not encountered this before and cannot figure out what’s going on. Any help please -

Second question:
When I drew the Slab Existing Group I had no problem. But when I drew the Slab New Group it did not close and the face did not appear. Eventually I erased line ‘a’ and redrew line ‘a’. As soon as I redrew line ‘a’ the face appeared. It seemed strange to me because I had so carefully drawn the Slab New Group. Am I correct in assuming that the ONLY answer is that I could not have drawn line ‘a’ properly in the first place regardless of what I thought I was doing?

(Disclaimer: I’m working with these shapes for a friend. The shapes are stupid and I don’t want anybody thinking these are my shapes. Such is my vanity.)

Attached are screen shots and the file. Thanks

Crozet Model.skp (86.9 KB)

It’s a toggle setting… applying to components and groups [which are just a subset of definitions]
View > Component Edit > Hide Rest of Model [ON/OFF]

Sometimes it’s useful to be ON, but other times it’s good to be OFF…

Thanks - that took care of it.
New function for me.
… may have just learned how to use it.

Set a short cut key to it, very convenient and useful.

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