Edit 3D View shortcut

I have been “playing” with SU since v3, but it got sidelined by Archicad. I now find due to bloatware issues, even with a few decades experience, SU coupled with the brilliant Profile Builder offers a better work environment for the work I do.

I am looking for a little advice on LO shortcuts…

  1. “Edit 3D View” doesn’t appear to be in the LO shortcut command list?

  2. I would like to be able to pick an SU viewport in LO and then [open view > zoom extents > close] in one click if possible?

My work has me repeating this simple action many times (100+/project) as I update my template to use my latest project drawings.

I don’t have the aptitude for Ruby or Python yet. It may be something to learn…

You’re right. It isn’t.

Not sure if that’s possible with a Ruby script or not but I would suggest not opening the viewports to modify the Camera position. If your scenes are set up correctly in the SketchUp model you shouldn’t need to do that at all. If you are adding dimensions and annotations in LO modifying the Camera position in the viewport opens you up to a mess that could take a long time to repair.

Thanks for the quick reply and confirmation on “Edit 3D View”

I appreciate how to use Scenes, but to set each view (200+/ project) would leave me with either a Sonderesque component sub models arrangement with looong Scene lists or an unmanageable Scene list in the Master file which would still need revised for each project. If it helps understanding the situation I am doing a lot of bespoke offsite building frame fabrication.

I have things quite well consolidated in the Scenes department and the camera views are primarily orthogonal so any arising “mess” would be inevitable editing for client changes anyway. Thanks for highlighting the risks. I have dealt with the same problems in Archicad, it just goes with the territory.

Depending on your workflow and model setup, you could create a separate template for the scenes needed in LO, and import one of the 200+ completed project files.

It’s the workflow I use for my sun/shade-studies with (sometimes) 60(+) scenes for two or three different situations.

For example:
file0: surrounding buildings
file1: current situation
file2: permitted situation
file3: new situation
file4: (geolocated) 60 scenes ← import files 0,1,2 & 3

Keep you project files “clean and simple”, use your (geolocated) scene template to add scenes needed in LO :wink:

Oh I wish it was 200 “completed” project files. I am basically documenting 200+ different new assemblies for each project. And no two projects are the same.

Each assembly has its own Tag so they can be isolated in LO. Using Edit 3D View + Zoom Extents combined with the Preserve Scale option lets me put each model view front & centre in the preset viewport on each page. When I start a new project I give each assembly a relevant tag and they will be available in the relevant viewport BUT I need to Zoom Extents to see it. Yes, unfortunately all the 2D dimensions & notes have to be redone from scratch.

All ruby scripting is done in SketchUp.
This extension migh do (part) of what you are doing?


Nice idea and thanks for responding. Looks like the dev is behind the curve on compatibility and it doesn’t work on Mac. One of my requirements is a section plan view as well.

I might just have to get used to making the required mouse clicks. So many other wins in moving software there was always going to be some pain points to address.