Edges vs Faces in lightweight models

Hi again guys

Trying to understand the basics of sketchup.

I’ve been trying to keep the poly count low by minimising faces so the computer has less work to do when I manipulate them. Is it all about the faces, or are numbers of edges important too?

In this model of a sweet potato plant ([https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/4c308c08-5072-4de8-85a8-3b1a0663200d/Sweet-Potato], I have a very low face count, but a high edge count due to the lines representing the plant stem.

I plan to have up to 1000 similar plants in a model. Does a high edge count slow down a model, similarly like a high face count i.e. polygons?


Ofcourse edges count. In which way edges weigh havier than faces or the other way around, I wouldn’t know. Look at It this way, when you orbit all edges and faces need to be recalculated. Just as an example.

Set up a few example models of your own, say:

  • with lots of triangles (3 edges and 1 face)
  • with an equal amount of polygon shapes (say 20 edges each bounding 1 face)

Compare file size and the way SketchUp handles each model with orbit, pan, editing, etc.