Edges "corroded": some edges disappeared after exploding


After I exploded a complex (sculpture) component to break it back into its original entities, not all of the edges where there. It now looks somehow “digitally corroded”… Tried in vain possible issues with invisible layers, and unhiding edges. Also, it´s a pure edge (wire frame) design, so no surfaces, textures involved… Has this happened to anyone? I hope my mind is not corroding.


It might be that your style is affecting what you see. You could try switching to one of the default styles instead of a “sketchy edges” one.



Got some screenshots or a sample models?


Screenshots would definitely help.

Also pay attention to your layers and their visibility. If you have geometry on layer 7 and that layer is hidden then you won’t see it when the model is exploded. This has the potential to be an even bigger problem, all geometry should be created on Layer0 and only placed on layers once the geometry is grouped. In this case, you may want to also delete all layers other than Layer0 and have geometry moved to Layer0 in the process.