Easy Question: Table / Sketchup blend

I’ve worked almost a month to learn Idpa stage design. I’ve a few stages drawn but can’t print except for the ‘sketchup’ drawing centered on paper. How can I place a table (word or power point or publisher) at the top containing the stage description, with a sketchup stage 3D drawing on the lower half? Seems there ought to be a template out there somewhere to help with this. Other clubs are doing this and I need to have this ready next week. Thanks.

This is the sort of thing for which LayOut was designed. Views of your SketchUp model along with inserted tables, text blocks, images, etc. You do need to have SketchUp Pro to also have LayOut. Since you are doing this as a hobby and using the Free web version (at least according to your profile) you could export images of the SketchUp model and insert those into Word or some other page layout software.

Thanks Dave, I found an old reply of yours for this same question. After a number of failed attempts, I got it copy into Word as a 2D graphic. Appreciate you.

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What were you trying to do to get it into Word? You should just export an image from Sketchup and then use Insert in Word to add the image.

Nothing happened when I clicked onto Word doc and used ‘insert’ command, select .2D doc, and lastly open. Drawing a text box and using ‘insert’ did not work either. I tried copying the 2D file that had been exported from sketchup and pasting into a Word text box, that worked.

That’s odd. You should be able to insert the image file into Word.

Oh well, I guess you’ve got it done, anyway.