Early Access Weviz for SketchUp Community

Hi guys!

We’ve been building a game changing 3D design review software (Weviz) compatible with Sketchup, and we are now ready to do an early access session.

I think that it would be great to get some of you onboard (it will be free) to get your feedbacks & suggestions on the final product!

If you want, you can onboard yourself (https://weviz.com/early-access/design-team), or I can invite you (and your team if you want) myself!

Have a wonderful day!


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Hello everybody,

We’ve just released the teaser for this Early Access! You can access it here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF9U1I2n1Fw 1

Hope to see you soon at this early access session! If you are not registered yet, you can do it right there : weviz.com/early-access

Best regards,


Hi guys,

We are really proud to see that a lot of SketchUp users joined the early access! I am now looking for your feedbacks on Weviz Studio! Tell me there, or at marketing@weviz.com :slight_smile:

In case you didn’t join the early access yet, you have still a few days to try the first version of Weviz Studio!

Thank you all,


What does WeViz actually do?

They make a motorcycle, a duck making machine and water from the rock (or a rock from the water). :slight_smile:

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Well, you are right, you can do that! haha But you can also do complete 3D design reviews with partners remotely and collaboratively!

Quick note: You can try it for free during the early access → weviz.com/early-access

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