Dynamic update of Angles in Dimension Tool?

Existing extensions appear to have invalid signatures for 2021…hence blocked by Extension Manager or “greyed out”.

Is it possible to have dynamic update of angles similar to Dimension behavior with length measurements?

What extension is that?

Heve you tried to set the loading policy to “unrestricted” or “Approve…” in Extension Manager Settings?


I guess is not possible., If you are talking about Angular Dimension v4.0, (<<<See the expatiation in the link.)

Adebo Pushline

I’ll comment as author of Angular Dimension and co-author of Angular Dimension 2.

I won’t swear that someone smarter than me can’t find a solution, though so far neither the SketchUp team nor another developer have published one. The situation is a lot more complex than for linear dimensions.

Most of the time an angle is initially defined by two edges. The problem comes from trying to track those edges across edits to the model. The ideas that first come to mind, such as using IDs or attaching attributes to the edges fail because during edits SketchUp may do things such as split an edge into pieces or unite two colinear edges into one. I have seen real instances in which one of the resulting pieces retains the ID and/or attributes of the original - but with no way to assure which one. It could be closest to the original vertex of the angle, or it could be farther. It could be a new edge generated behind the scenes by SketchUp with a completely new ID. If the user then moves one of the pieces, which should the angular dimension track? Even if you can solve that, what if the user moves one of the edges so that they no longer even intersect? It gets intractible very fast!

FWIW both of those extensions work just fine in SketchUp 2021.


Thank You. FWIW…Just loaded Ruby Code Editor…Very Nice!