Dynamic Texture Mapping


I am regularly asked to create “smart” (dynamic) models and I often have to solve what should be a simple issue to resolve given the right feature. It is the problem of a dynamically scaled texture stretched beyond the desirable scale of the texture. Currently the default behavior is to stretch the texture along with the face when dynamically scaling. This can be a desirable behavior, though I often find what I really need is a tiled texture. It is at times I need a tiled texture that things become difficult. Currently I have been resorting to coping geometry with a properly mapped seamless texture and hidden edges to create the illusion of a properly tiled texture. This has the downside of filling a model with needless amounts of geometry. My biggest wish would be a toggle somewhere to either have tiled textures or stretched textures. It could be on the material itself ideally, like “Force Tiled” check box?

I have also resorted to exploding all geometry as raw faces tile the textures by default restoring the scale. Unfortunately this totally defeats the purpose of having a dynamic model in the first place. There may be a better method of resolving this problem that I am not aware of, if so please advise.


I am not really sure, but if I recall correctly:
Place a ‘swatch’ component with the texture applied to the face, not the component. Let it’s position depend on the origin of the Parent component.

Here the thread on SketchUcatio:


So to sum it up…
WISH: UI method to force textures to tile instead of stretch when components are scaled.


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