Dynamic Text Label within Dynamic Component within sketch up (no plug-ins)

Hello there,

I have a very simple task for Sketch up, however, I cannot figure out how to run the attributes in the component.

The need: A rectangular, or square shape with a label that reads the area of the object as it is scaled, stretched or moved.
The label is to be dynamic and refer to the shape to produce an area label (ideally in sq.ft.)

This needs to be within the realm of Sketch up pro and no other plug-ins involved.

Is it possible?

Thanks in advance to the multi-talented people in these forums, you guys rock providing a vast amount of knowledge and teaching to the community.

Create the area attribute in your component. You can then place a label in LayOut and make it read the attribute value.

Thanks Anssi, but the idea is that the area label gets updated as I work in the model in Sketchup.

I need the label to be read the area of the shape in “live-mode” as I change its geometry in SU.

Labels in sketchup do not have a dynamic link, they are static. The facearea formula can be used to report an area, if the area is altered via the size or scale, then a scaler DC needs to be bedded in the DC for this to work. If you alter the raw geometry inside the DC, then a simple redraw should update the attribute concerned, this can be triggered with a change to an option, or short cut to the dynamic component, redraw via the context menu.
The attached example has a scaler (thanks to Tig) embedded in a simple DC, the onclick does a redraw and an alert.
So the scaler updates any scale changes on the DC, whereas the onclick is the trigger for the report (redraw included)
You could modify this to report specific materials

area check.skp (99.8 KB)

Thanks Philip,
This kind of works. I don’t know if what I am looking for is possible.
Ideally I would like to see the label embedded in the rectangle and the text to update as I increase or decrease the area of the rectangle.
The way it is set up right now, it provides the area of the face, which is not much different as when I read the entity info.
I appreciate your help.

Quick shout out to pcmoor for sharing this idea which served as the starting point for a new evidence marker dynamic component that our office just built.