Dynamic shelf

How to move the fixing holes of a shelf on the side if I want to change its position and let the holes follow it when moving it on the side

Can you share an example SketchUp file that shows what you’ve got and what you want to do?

example.skp (142.3 KB)

As you can see in the model, the holes do not move with the shelf they stay down and the idea is that they move with the shelf, that the shelf can be hidden and these holes are seen on the side so that they can be taken to the cnc

Thank you

Thank you for sharing the example. that helps. I think you will need to divide the cabinet side with the shelf pin holes into sections. Then set up the sections with the holes so they move based on the movement of the shelves and the rest scales accordingly.

If you hide the edges between the components, it’ll look like one piece.

@pcmoor will surely have some other ideas for you.

There is a hole component on my warehouse page, however it is created using inches
This is a metric version, a through hole DC and a stopped hole DC. (saveas them to a folder of your choice). The stop component has been added to the raw surface inside the white board and it attributes altered to suit a range of adjustable shelf positions.

metric holes.skp (166.6 KB)

I place a "through hole component set the side width with the shelf position holes to change with the shelf height in your example. The degree of complexity is up to what configurations you want a DC to be.

However what ever choice, being Dave’s idea or variation of it or this one, you do need to simplify the DC before sending to CNC, that is outer shell Dave’s example or double explode my hole DC.

example (4).skp (172.1 KB)

see PM sent

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Thank you very much for your contributions, they have been quite useful for me, but unfortunately they have not worked as I expected, that is, the holes were in component 1 shelf and reflected in component 2 side in any position when inserting component 1 shelf, In this case, you have to do an additional step, which is to exploit it to fix it, which is excellent but not when you have to make modifications to the position of the shelf once the project is finished.

Then I make another suggestion, you use a solid, slightly oversize “dowel” shape and not create the holes until you need to send the parts to CNC.

example (5).skp (156.4 KB)

Rather than using the current solid tools use Eneroth’s( extension warehouse), so you can preserve the components names. Use “Trim”, after using outliner to explode the “dowels” component to separate entities and hiding alternately any interfering parts.

example trim.skp (201.1 KB)

ok, thank you very much for all the suggestions I hope I can get something very good out of all of them