Dynamic Crane not working

I’m trying to make the parts of a Crawler Crane move using Dynamic Components. I’ve done this with an excavator which I posted on the Warehouse.
With this crane I can get the 1st level, tracks & Cab to rotate. But the boom won’t rotate up and down.
Simplified it to this little block drawing to just to get the logic right before moving onto a real crane.
Would appreciate finding out what I’m doing wrong.
Trying to get the “BoomHook” component to rotate as pictured
thanks in advance

Crane TEST 1.skp (85.6 KB)

You have to initiate the values of the parent, either with a formula or value even 0,though a grey 0, may be visible, its a null value until you put 0 in the option dialog

altered a few formulars, some reinstated as they loss their reference

Crane TEST 1.skp (84.0 KB)


Crane TEST 1.skp (80.2 KB)

Awwww! Beat me to it Philip. :beers:


thanks Philip, Ryan
much appreciated

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thanks for your help on this. thought I’d share the results.
Found Van Nguyen’s crane on the Warehouse and turned it into this…
Crane - Crawler - 80t 2 - DC.skp (2.0 MB)

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Super cool! For those who do not want to download the file here’s a pic: