Dynamic Components with Taper variable

I am modeling a table with legs that splay out a bit which I want to have as a variable between 1 and 6 degrees.

I also want the legs to have an option of a taper also with a variable in a dynamic component.

Also, when the legs splay, how do I get the bottom and top of the legs to run parallel to the ground and table top so they meet perfectly instead of being at an angle? In other words, as the angle of the leg changes, the angle of the top and bottom of the leg needs to change automatically to compensate.


For rake and splay you would need to add RotX and RotY attributes to the component.

As for cutting the legs off at the top and bottom so they are parallel to the floor, I don’t believe that’s possible as a Dynamic Component feature.

Cutting off the top and bottom of the leg is trivial, I guess I would trim the leg after setting the angle. Make sure the the leg is a solid component. I suppose you could actually add hidden cutter components into the leg component to do the cutting where needed.

A quick concept example. Needs more work. Personally I wouldn’t bother since these sorts of legs are so easy to do anyway.