Dynamic Components with Movement in Scenes

Hello Sketchup Community!

I am currently working on an outdoor living space model in SketchUp. Part of the design includes a TV on a pop-up mechanism that raises out of a short wall and can be hidden within the wall when not in use. I have the unit set up as a dynamic component so the interact tool raises and lowers the TV in and out of the wall. I have multiple scenes set up and and going to be exporting them as a video to send to my client.
My question is- I would like the TV to be hidden within the wall for the first few scenes, then when the view is looking directly the wall I want the interact tool where the TV raises to be included in the scene. This way, when I export the animation the TV raises out of the wall automatically. How would I go about doing this? I have included screenshots below.



Hi Nick,
I don’t believe there’s any native tools that will let you animate an object while playing scenes. So you have a few options

There are plug-ins that will allow you to animate an option.

Layer visibility:
If you choose not to animate and just want it hidden and visible in different scenes, you can place the TV on a separate layer that will only be visible on some scenes so it’ll appear/disappear when the scenes are playing through.

Section cut:
Though it not an animation, you can fake the TV moving up by having 2 different section cuts. One at the bottom the tv set, the other at the top. So while playing scenes, it’ll look like the tv is moving up to appear, may not be perfect, but it’s something half way to what you want.
Here’s a youtube explaining this process more:

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Awesome thanks @quantj - these are some great options! I’ll check out the plugins first and then look at visibility or section cuts as a plan B.