Dynamic components tutorials

Can anyone point me to good tutorials on making DCs as well as extracting data from a model based on DC data?

Dutch language, but perhaps usefull:

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Thanks. Do you know if the program is in english and hopefully less anoying than the video? Why do people insist on adding bad music to good work?

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Yeah the music part was not my idea!
Here is a link to a google doc, perhaps you can translate it!

How about this one: 3D Basecamp 2014: Dynamic Components, Greatest Hits, Vol. 1, Eric Schimelpfenig - YouTube


He were you there😃?

I was, in fact I’m the guy teaching the class :slight_smile:


Hey Mike
Thanks for your consolation (lol). I don’t see a link on your message.
Do you know of any other SU estimating apps

Here is one: