Dynamic Components - Hashtag issue

Any idea why I am getting a hashtag when I try to fix any attribute as part of a dynamic component and input line goes red?
Suggests I am doing something wrong but I do not know what.
Probably something basic…

Problem with the formula. That happens when there is an error. Can you post your DC file?

have screen shot I can share …

I was just inputting =

Can you click the Fx button and then screen shot for me? it shows formulas instead of values.

Thanks for your response . Not really putting in any formulas
I was following process to put = before dim to lock that particular dim
This was a side trial to creating a dynamic doorset

Did as requested but no effect

could be you are adding cm after units? Set the model units to cm and do not enter cm after =8 in formula.

the cm came in as default (though UK tends to mm)
Removed cm and no hashtag and not red…

You’re a genius
Now I will move on to set up all the of the variables
Thanks for your help

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I just put a = infront of what was there to constrain it
Did not appreciate I should remove the units suffix
My model units are mm, maybe there si an issue in that
Anyway - you have found a way forward and I can live with working with both cm and mm

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My pleasure, got a lot of help here when I started. You can keep units set to millimetres and use 80… just no suffix in the formula. The DC will remember what units it was built with, so build it in the units you will be using, don’t try to change it afterwards.

Think the DC attributes only work in cm and inches…will investgate further. Take the rest of the day off, you earned it

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You are correct. Just figured that out. Usually work in inches here in Canada.