Dynamic Components Changing Heights

I have made several DC’s of conveyor sections. I have given each a “Height” attribute based on the ‘Z’ position value of the DC. My issue occurs when I make a component containing multiple DC’s. If I then try to edit one of the DC’s in the parent component the height of the edited DC changes. Does anyone know how to get around this behavior? Thanks in advance.

test.skp (443.2 KB)

you have an error in RotZ when one chooses 15 deg, I change it to 15*copy, which in turn fixed the height issue

that is because to took 15 off the choice, which returns 0, for 15 deg and 0/0 = error
test_fix.skp (329.7 KB)

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Thanks a lot Philip.

I’m relatively new to dynamic blocks.

Rotation is a bit of a stumbling block for me.

Thanks again.

Hi Philip,

I have the same issue with the attached file. I can’t find any errors that might be causing issues.


Straight Conveyor.skp (449 KB)

on the component, right click menu, dynamic component, redraw will fix this case, the sub is still retaining its original (grey) value and has not been updated

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Ah…should have known this.

Thanks Philip.

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