Dynamic Component with max Len X



I’d like to create a component that can’t be streched more than 240cm but when I resize jumps to weird sizes instead of just not scaling over 240cm width.


I followed the formula from Sketchup the chapters straight from SketchUp.

https://help.sketchup.com/en/sketchup/c … cific-size

model here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgODMi0c0W0NgeFZL8qloDBjbpuAOw

What’s going on? Thanks guys!


There is a (known) bug in the current function, it does not respect the metric system.
use CURRENT(“LenX”)*2.54 to convert from inches


This is true for facearea too (2.54*2.54) is required for conversion


Magic! Thanks guys that works finally. I mean it’s a shame it doens’t work natively
with mm since with the conversion it will always a fraction of a mm off.

thanks again



I believe 2.54 is now the correct conversion, no fractional difference


When the inch was standardized, more than 100 years ago, its exact length was tied to the metric system and set at exactly 25.4 mm, with no “leftovers”. Prior to that, there were regional variations in the size of the imperial units.