Dynamic Component-Raked Wall

This is a small sample, I have a raked wall with a top plate, the plate moves with the wall but loses it’s thickness (1.5") and Will not keeps it’s pitch, even though that has not changed, how can I keep the top plate the same pitch and thickness when changing the width?

I thought I code share the component, maybe can’t because this is my first post.

Try uploading your model in a second post.

RakeWall1.skp (15.7 KB)
please find Attached Component

looks like something is missing: the rakewall parent. also - the LenY is is unlocked - maybe not needed - but usually a good idea to not leave variables open unless that is by design. the LenZ is some variables which if you’re trying to keep 1.5" then set it that way and rotate the lumber :slight_smile:

so - one idea - if you create a lumber member which has a right triangle on each end, then each of those oppose or equal the overall angle, as a component, then you can rotate the lumber to the angle desired and the ends will be also set to match. see attached.
example angled wood member.skp (86.8 KB)

TestRakeWall.skp (15.3 KB)

I’ll try uploading again, it should have options and component Attributes.

Interesting, it doesn’t upload as a complete dynamic component, just as separate components

Thanks, I’ll check it out.