Dynamic Component - Options - List values - model update

Hi all.,

Is it possible to update the model ex: Cabinet Door Handle position has to be changed from Horizontal to vertical, if I select the list value in the component option as Vertical. The values of Horizontal, vertical, etc., are predefined in the component attributes.

For making this work out ruby is needed or without ruby programming whether this can be achieved.

This can be done without ruby.
You need to refer to the values of the ‘pull angle’ attribute (1 or 2). With two options, you can use an IF statement, when there are more, you can use the CHOOSEOPTION() formula.

Pls upload file

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Hi mike.,

Attached herewith the file.,
B_BC1D.skp (1.3 MB)

I do not understand, you got it working, not?

Nope, I didn’t got working. I saw this in one of the file from online, would like to know, how to make this happen?

Ah, well the easiest way is to examine an easier model,? I guess. I thought you had made it.
Start here:

:slightly_smiling_face: okay will dig deeper

Hi Mike.,

attached herewith the sketchup file with IF function, which causes the rotation of handle in vertical or Horizontal position. Hope i had done it!

IF_function.skp (39.6 KB)