Dynamic Component mismatch depth


The depth of the component should be the entire depth of the bounding box. But in the attached skp (reference file), the Overall depth shows only the cabinet depth, it is not including the shutter thickness (18mm) and handle depth (25mm). How this is possible? Could some one explain
B_BC1D.skp (1.4 MB)

It depends on what the A1_DEPTH formula is set to show. The depth of the whole bounding box would be in the LenX or LenY attribute of the whole component.

Thanks. But the lenX should has to show the actual value, before assigning the A1_Depth right.
Even if it assigned, it does not contradict the actual and over imposed. Or it should be updated to the assigned value right?

The A1_DEPTH attribute has no formula attached, and apparently none of the other attributes reference it. It is just a number. I can use the Scale tool to resize the component, with material thicknesses etc. updating correctly, but changing the depth attribute does nothing. Is this a component designed by you?

Ok thanks. This component is not designed by me. I downloaded from net, studying, the working and behavioral of DCs, function calling from ruby, functions, etc…

@Anssi, one clarification, the uploaded model has secondary component for each component say bac(back panel),bac_s, does it necessary to have this,. The secondary component just get the value from the previous parent component, any advice on this…

Yes, it is necessary. Subcomponents or groups have their own attributes with formulas that determine their scaling factor when the whole component is scaled. Otherwise they couldn’t retain, for instance, their board thickness. Usually the main component only forms the user interface for the whole, and the parts take their parameters from what the user has input in the parent.

@Anssi Ok. Thanks. Did you find any important thing in that dc…