Dynamic Component Icon

There is a little Icon for DC shown in 3d-Warehouse.
There is a little Icon shown in Component Tray.
But there is no Icon shown in Windows OS.

How can I choose between my working file and the finished Template?

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I think you can ‘tag’ “Feature Requests” as well for this thread.

Also it would be great if you could see DC icon when you just searched (without opening individual model).

I think this icon is only shown with uploading the “Template-File” or how ever it is called. Uploading my “workingfile” there is now hint that it is dynamic. Both are .skp and have the same icon.

Anyhow, the defination of what is what is not very clear.

By the way correct spelling is “scalable” and not “scale able”. Estimated search keywords ‘scalable window’ doesn’t show your models.

So I’ll forget my Thesaurus.


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