Dynamic Component badge

Now it’s quite difficult to find or (at least) recognize a Dynamic Component.
For me it’s hard to understand why the DC badge has gone.
So can we have this badge back, please? Thank you!


This is useful both if you want to have DCs or want to avoid them.

+1 from me!


Classifying a component will automatically DC it.
To uphold in the BIMMED AEC-business, it is important to share and have relevant information on Components.
It should be visible, wether as the green DC badge or the Classifier-label.
Even those who do not embrace the DC’s or the IFC-information on them, will have to deal with them, eventually, I guess…:grinning:

I’ve seen you can filter a search to show only DC, but I still think it would be a good idea to have a visual reference to notice this kind of components. Maybe it should also be shown if a model is a DC in its “Model Info” section.