Dynamic Abnormality

Hi All,
I am busy doing a library of dynamic cupboards and have run into a problem with drawer front Heights. When clicking on the details and apply, DR FRONT 1 changes from one size to another on each applied click? Never had this before. It needs to be parent height minus DR FRONT then Divide by 2 and minus .3mm.
Regard Vaughan
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You need a 0 in front of your decimal numbers.

.3 changed to 0.3

Untitled 1B.skp (795.0 KB)

Hi Ryan, thank you for that, downloaded your file and see that it works perfectly. Changed my one to 0.3 and it is still doing the same thing! On all of my other dynamic cupboards I have never used the 0. Really got me confused.

Did you change all of them or just that one? I changed all of them, it is good practice to use the 0 not just the .

you have copied and not changed the dialog title, then reference it in one of them… Best practice to make them different, DR_FRONT_1,DR_FRONT_2, match in the outliner.

How far are into your creations? as I recommend using one simple board and instance rather than component names

Oh ya, sorry forgot to mention I renamed one of them to DR_FRONT1 as well. That was important info my bad thanks Philip.

Hi Phillip, thanks for reply. I have changed names to be individual, but I think I am doing something wrong in my formula. I am also not sure what you mean by using one simple board and instance rather than component names?
I have been able to do a few cupboards as attached, if there is a easy or smarter way of doing these, please let me know.

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