Dxf file with dims

I found some files that i need to open, but they are dxf only. I know they contain some dims, but when i import them, no dims are listed. Does SU pro automatically scale them to the correct dims? if not, how to i open the dxf so i can see what the actual dim is so i can scale it to the right size?

thanks01-01.dxf (203.3 KB)

See the User Guide …

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ill give it a read:)

i do not own autocad and i found this file online that i need to open, but the description says it has dims.


There are free CAD clones that can open DWGs and DXFs. LibreCAD is one.

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ok, thank you. I will look at libre cad:) I have imported the dxf in SU all ready, i just need to make sure its to the proper dims

You can probably figure out if the dimensions are correct by measuring it once you’ve imported it. You should know about how big the thing is. Are you planning to get into breaking and entering? :smiley:

ummm shifty eyes no… haha.

Ok, im going to bet the creaters of SU pro made it so that it imported the dims correctly, i just want to make sure becasue in the lock picking world, a mm is a mile haha.

a side note: I have always been interested in lockpicking. Its fascinating to me. Maybe be a locksmith on the side during the summer to pay for my aerospace degree haha

I messaged the .skp file imported using my home-made importer. Does SketchUp Pro not import dims?

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it looks as if SU does indeed import the correct ones haha. just had to make sure though. But what i dont get… why did the creator of this file make it in inches? i would have done mm