Dxf file is invisible

dxf import says its there in layers but no sign of it on the sketchup screen.

Here’s the file.

DR.CL.01.dxf (4.2 KB)

It’s not invisible, the file is empty of lines. There’s evidently nothing in it to display. I tried opening it in a CAD program and it showed as blank there, too. At 4.2 Kb, the file seems kind of small anyway. As a test I made a simple DXF file in Draftsight and imported it into SU to get this. The DXF file is 80 Kb.

So I opened a PDF file in Inkscape. Saved as a dwg file and clearly saved nothing which is odd?

This is the PDF file.
DR.CL.01.pdf (311.3 KB)

The lines in the PDF are not vector lines which would be required to have Inkscape export vector lines. The PDF appears to be a raster image.


You can export a JPG from the PDF and import the JPG into SketchUp.
Use the Tape Measure tool in SketchUp to scale the JPG to real-world size and then trace it.

Like so…
DR.CL.01.skp (184.2 KB)

Hi Geo

Thanks for that. my free PDF reader doesn’t let me export anything other than a word doc.
But I can use what you have done for now.
Much appreciation.

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For the future you can make a screen shot from the PDF or use the Snapshot tool in Adobe Reader to get a JPG or PNG file to import into SketchUp.

Excellent. Thanks.
Of course. Snapshot.