DWG Import Query


I have a query regarding the import of a DWG File into Sketchup Pro.

It’s actually not really a query from a Sketchup side of things, more of a query on the preparation of the DWG File.

I have attached both the Cleaned up DWG File and and example of the Sketchup Model once the DWG is imported.

Firstly, no issues at all with the actual DWG Import.

The query relates to Objects shown in the Sketchup File, which I can not, for the life of me, find in the DWG file. As can be seen, for example, there are some Section Symbols showing.

For the Project I’m working on, it’s not a problem, as I’ve just edited the Imported DWG Component, and deleted the unwanted items.

I’d be interested to know what I am missing in the DWG File. It was cleaned up with unnecessary items removed, purged etc. before saving and then importing into Sketchup. I’ve tried unhiding in BricsCAD, and it states nothing is hidden. I’ve tried zooming way out, in BricsCAD, and creating a large selection window, only to find no objects. Zooming Extents zoom into the Main area, indicating there is nothing a ong way from the Main Drawing.

As stated, this is not a problem with Sketchup, just a query on the preparation of the DWG File.

For Information I am using BricsCAD Pro for DWG work.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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4275-PWR-FA - Sketchup Overlay Import.dwg (720.6 KB)

Sketchup DWG Import Query.skp (4.6 MB)

If you want to see what objects are left in the file after you clean it with ‘Purge’ command, use ‘View items you cannot purge’.

After you’ve removed everything you didn’t need and cleaned the file, if you want to have a “really clean” file to import into SketchUp, use the W command.

Hi @mihai.s

I’ll have to try and find the equivalent Dialogue box in BricsCAD. Struggling to find it at the moment.

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