DWG import error


I am trying to import a simple DWG file into SU pro. This is the first time I have ever had an issue where the DWG import has failed.
Does anyone know where the issue is and how to allow it to be imported into SU?

vector drawing.dwg (140.9 KB)


This fails to import for me too, warning says there is geometry far from origin but even without preserve origin ticked it’s a fail. Do you know the ACad version this was created with? I can see the file with a .dwg viewer so there is data there.

It was a PDF that I was given that I imported into and exploded in ArchiCAD. I then exported out as a DWG. I see though that all the data in there is fills and no actual lines. Perhaps that is the issue…

Here is the PDF.

And to answer your question (sorry), no I don’t know how or with what is was created unfortunately.

.Sample.pdf (1.8 MB)

Here’s another attempt if it is helpful. You will have to scale it.Sample.DWG (260.0 KB)

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Nice. That imports just fine, just need to scale from one known dimension.

That’s brilliant! Am I allowed to ask how you did that?

Same process. Explode the pdf except using PowerCADD. It’s paper space so, in this case it requires some knowledge of the original scale or known dimensions to make it right.

So you just gave it some arbitrary scale within CAD prior to DWG export, which allowed it to be readable as a DWG import into SU?..

PowerCADD files have a drawing scale and when you export to DWG it is translated to full scale. Yeah, I didn’t look at the scale. I don’t know what bearing that had on it.