Dutch window 67x114 window component

is there anyone that has a dynamic component from a dutch window with a square section of 67x114mm including a glaspanel? I don’t know how to make it myself and don’t have time to learn it at the moment.

I tried several 3D Warehouse components, but they are bad…


Is it a specific component that you are after?

  • verdeling, met/zonder bovenlicht / draai-kiep etc.
    Include an image or describe the window please.

Hi, een standaard kozijn met vast glas. Hoef alleen een 67x114mm kader te zien, zonder sponningen. Kun jij ze wel zelf maken?

I send you a pm. … (20 characters min.!)

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If you use SU Pro, you should be able to create DCs.
Here’s (see attached) a standard window frame with pane in its simplest form.
One parent component with:

  • four side profiles
  • four corners
  • one pane

The location of each nested component’s origin is related (per X, Y and Z) to the parent’s origin
(unless when it is located at the parent’s border. Then there is no need to specify its location)

So are their lengths related to the parent’s height and width.
The 67mm is a fixed profile size, mentioned per nesten component
So is the 114mm. But here I took out the option to scale perpendicular to the frame. (Easier to do instead of 8 times … Y = 11.4cm)

standaardkozijn-DC.skp (123.3 KB) )

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Hi, it works! great, great!
Thank you very much!!!
I’ll have to find out how I can make one of my own, could save me a lot of time.

Keep you posted!