Duplicating Keyboard Shortcuts

Is there any way to assign two shortcut keys to one action?

I want to make a duplicate shortcut for the following command (Edit/context menu flyout/edit group ). Right now it is set to custom as the key “w” and I would like it to also be accessible by hitting the key “P” (for when I switch hands with my mouse).

Is this possible?

Thank you!

Yes, actions can have more than one shortcut.

Not on MacOs, though….

Oh… yet another difference

There are two kinds of shortcuts in MacOs, the ones you define in the Preferences can only have one (where on Windows, you can add as many as you like).
The others are the standard shortcut combo’s that come with the App (Cmd + additional keys)
So, for those standard shortcuts, you can have two shortcuts.

The built in way to edit an Object (Group/Component) for both OS’s is when selecting the object and then press ‘Return’ (or the Windows equivalent ‘Enter’.)


Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I never knew about the ‘Return’ way to edit and object. Thank you!!!

Where do I go to customize the “standard shortcut combos”?

Alas, you cannot change the standard combo’s , such as Cmd + 1 for ‘Top View’ , but for those, you can add one in [menu] SketchUp > Preferences > Shortcuts and have basically two…

Thank you so much!