Dual monitor workflow efficiency

Hi. I’m a Mac user with a second monitor on which I keep my dialogs. I use a lot of key commands to keep my workflow efficient but have found that with SU 2022 there is a big change that has slowed me down. Here’s the scenario: I move my cursor to my second monitor to make a change, switch on a tag, or select a new style, etc. After making that change I used to be able to update a scene, or enter any other command, by just hitting my key command, but now I have to move my cursor back to my working monitor and click on the model window before I can continue working. This may seem minor, but during the course of a work day this probably occurs dozens of times.

Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.

This can happen on one monitor as well, and the behavior seems to be the same with SketchUp 2021. There may be a connection with tag folders that were added in 2021. The problem doesn’t happen in 2020.

I will look to see if there is a bug report about that, and if there isn’t one I will create one.

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I don’t remember when the change occurred but it used to be that the focus automatically went back to the model window when the cursor was moved over it. I used to be able to do something like draw a circle, edit the number of sides in Entity Info, move the cursor back to the model space, press P, and then click on the face of the circle to extrude it. When I do that now a p gets added to the number of sides. So now I have to type in the number of sides and then click in the model space before calling Push/Pull. This is on Windows and has been happening for a few versions.

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Yes, exactly the same situation and I find it annoying.

Thank you. Hope we can get this resolved.

Yes, I confirm that this happens on Windows in SU 2021. Didn’t happen in 2020.

Or with removing the option to create new tags ‘on the fly’ in the entity panel on Mac.
At least it’s cross-platform now:)

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