Dual line component separation potential


This would also be useful for transcribing the root curve to the centre geometry so that these do not stick to surfaces. So that upon deletion the rest of the image is not affected.
I did find the tape measure after I posted this :wink:
It does relate to parallel lines and is not available for helices as far as I’m aware.


You might try the Spirix and U-V PolyGen plugins. The first will allow you to create surfaces formed by geometry that is “swept” using a variety of combined transforms. The second allows you to create arbitrary lines or surfaces from parametric equations of the form {x,y,z} = f(u,v). Both place the output in groups so it won’t combine with existing geometry.


U-V PolyGen:


I have to pay for the privilege of showing someone my designs allegedly. As when I tried the free one I didn’t get a copy. If it was a one time payment and offline there might be a product rather than a show and tell for expense.


On the other hand:
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If it didn’t share the image online why would the software have to be online ?
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