Dropbox Running on GPU?


I don’t have the latest, greatest GPU and so was curious to find Dropbox of all programs apparently using GPU resources? What’s up with that? I don’t have the Dropbox User Interface open - just dropbox running in the system tray. Is there a way to find out how much GPU resources is it using?


just use the nvidia control panel to choose which programs use the nvidia dedicated graphics


How does one do that?


right button on your desktop

choose NVIDIA control panel

Manage 3d settings

Global settings determines default card use

Program settings determine individual program use

go into Program settings - find dropbox

and set it to use integrated video cards


Thanks for the reply, however I don’t think I’m seeing the same options as you.

Ok found this.

I don’t see a way to determine the default card use.

Dropbox is not listed in the individual programs. For programs that are listed, I don’t see any way to set them to use the integrated card.


choose the next item… manage 3d settings


I did - my image looks like a singe image, but is actually a series of 3 if you click on it.


You have SketchUp open. Does the model that you have open reside in Dropbox or your local hard drive? I would guess that Dropbox wouldn’t show in the list of 3D applications, but that everything that has an user interface would use your graphics pipeline.


This is from the NVIDIA Control Panel Help. Apparently since I do not have the option to set the “Preferred Graphics Processor”, my card is not compatible with that option.

Global Settings
From the Global Settings tab, you can select from a list of pre-installed global settings (for workstation products) or create your own custom settings to use when running 3D applications.

Preferred graphics processor (Only on systems using NVIDIA’s power-saving GPU technology.) From the options in the list box, you can specify to

Use high-performance NVIDIA processor for maximum performance or for decoding all video played on displays connected to the integrated graphics, or

Use integrated graphics for longer battery life or for decoding all video content played on displays connected to the integrated graphics, or

Force high-performance NVIDIA processor use for all programs (except for programs that can only run on the integrated graphics), or

Force integrated graphics use for all programs (except for programs that can only run on the NVIDIA GPU).

Let the driver auto-select the most compatible graphics processor, depending on the program or video codec.


  • Programs and videos that launch on external displays that are driven by the NVIDIA GPU will always use the NVIDIA GPU rather than the integrated graphics processor.

  • When you modify the “Preferred Graphics Processor” setting, programs that are already running will continue to use the same graphics processor uninterrupted. To allow the “Preferred Graphics Processor” settings to take effect, you must restart the program.

  • The “Force …” options are available on select systems only, and are not available on systems that have a hardware switch for selecting which processor to use.


Good thought, but no Dropbox uses the GPU from Windows boot regardless of what else has been run.


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