Drawing windows

I am using sketchup make 2017 to draw a tram body. When i got to drawing the clerestorey windows most winows drew as expected with a faint line but a number came up a blue boxes and i can’t redraw them properly. see screen print file is

Trailer 58 large2.skp (1.7 MB)

The problem comes from your model not being on axis. Look at the coordinates for the points along the clerestory. Both the X- and Y-values should be the same all the way along but they aren’t.


All those guides…
Apart from being off axis as Dave mentions the geometry is all crooked, not even off axis in the same plane.
This is often caused by using guides that are not perfectly aligned, so rather than help they are a hindrance.
Do you know about making arrays?
No guides

How did you draw those windows? You have somehow gotten many of them to have multiple coincident faces. Watch as I erase anywhere from 1 to 4 in the same location!

duplicated faces

Thank you both for your advice but I have a Curviloft problem doing a tram platform roof, I have got 3 panels done but the fourth panel gives an orange line round the outside instead of doing the skinning.

Without the model it is not possible to guess at a reason but as the shape seems symmetrical why don’t you just model one half and make a flipped copy of it?

Thank you for your suggestion Anssi but I have managed to finish drawing the pklatform roof.