Drawing topo contour lines at specific heights?

I’m trying to draw specific topography using contour lines. I’m having trouble getting them to be exactly 1’ above the others nearby. They do not start at an elevation anywhere near the others, and making them 1’ higher than those others is proving difficult.
Any suggestions?

Maybe draw on temporary grouped faces. Maybe transparent. Create a face group and set at one elevation. Draw contours and then move the face up or down. Draw the next contour. You could do it in top view, parallel projection if you want. Make a couple scenes to check the work in perspective as you go.
Another approach is just to draw it all in 2d and select each contour, raising it to the proper height, but you are probably already past that point.

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You could try this extension: https://extensions.sketchup.com/sv/content/elevate-contours