Drawing stretched and distorted

I am using 2014 sketch up. I had almost finished a drawing when the screen froze. I saved the drawing and exited. When I went back into in, the entire drawing was distorted, I presume this is because I had used the move and stretch tool before I had closed it down. Is there anyway I can undo this, don’t want to do the drawing again.



Why did you hit Save?

You should be able to recover the incremental (last version) backup, *.skb, from the same directory as the .skp.



The screen was frozen, was not distorted when I saved it. When I opened it up again it was distorted. Only place I can see it is in my documents as a skb file.


Whaa? Is that really what you wanted to say?

Look in the same directory where you keep the model for a file with the same first name as the model file but with an skb extension instead of skp. You can use the Open command in SU to open it.


skp = SketchUp file
skb = SketchUp backup file