Drawing smaller items

I want to draw smaller things that might only be a few inches across and not in feet. The accuracy is fine for a house but not a watch. How do I set the size area to draw?

Top menu> Window> model info > units

You can set the current file drawing units however you wish

You don’t. SketchUp uses a virtual space of say 1 mile in either direction max.
You might get away with a larger model but at some point you’ll encounter problems.
Draw your model scale 1:1. Or for smaller items draw your model in a version that is scaled up, say 10x or even 100x, a copy of the original. The original (1:1) in the same modeling space will follow the changes that you make in the copy instance.
Example: start with a rectangle 10" x 10". make it a component. Copy it to the side. Scale one up 10x and edit this one, i.e. create your object inside its editing context.

Use another Template. For examble " Interior Production Design - inches"

SketchUp is just as accurate with whatever unit you select. The selected units are for displaying the measures, not for its accuracy. Even selecting a higher precision does not matter. Once again, it is for how SketchUp displayes its dimensions.

Small stuff isn’t difficult to draw accurately in SketchUp. Here are a few examples I’ve done.

About 8 inches tall.

3 inches on center.

1/2 inch diameter.

1/2 inch diameter knurled knob

6 inches tall.

In my version there is a guy standing on the left. If I try and draw, say a rectangle, trying to move the mouse a fraction of an inch to make a line is impossible as it speeds through the distance that a larger item would be fine. I’m not trying to change units, just the size of my canvas.

Use the scroll wheel to zoom in.

That’s not a SketchUp version. It’s just a template. You can choose a different template or make your own. Delete the guy, draw a rectangle of the desired size and click Zoom Extents.

It sounds to me as if your best first step is to spend some time with the basic videos.

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Do you have ‘Enable length snapping’ checked. If so, you should disable that option.
Menu Window > Model Info > Units > uncheckEnable length snapping

I don’t know what “enable length snapping” does, but I’ll turn it off anyway.

The templates just have different views and measurements, not canvas size. The same issue is still remains. Smaller items can not be made with the mouse. Isn’t there a way to size the area you wish to draw?

Did you see the images I posted? Those were all drawn in SketchUp with a mouse. The only issue that remains is that you aren’t zooming the camera in to look at a small enough area.

Yes. Zoom in. I told you before, draw a rectangle of the size you want and then use Zoom Extents to zoom in on it.

Zooming in doesn’t really do it either. I tried to watch the tutorials, but their version doesn’t look like mine. They have tools on the left side, where mine is just blank. If I do get an object on the page, I can’t go back to see what size it is or make adjustments.

That doesn’t make any difference for drawing.

Sure you can. You can select an entity such as an edge and you can see its length in Entity Info, select a face and see its area. You can measure distances with the Tape Measure tool. You can modify the size by using the Scale tool or you can select an edge (or edges) and use the Move tool to move them. Or if you’ve made the shape 3D, you could use Push/Pull on a face. There are many options. And if you just enter the dimensions you want the thing to be, you don’t need to go back and resize it.

What is it you want to draw anyway?

It sounds like you think you’ve got a different version of SketchUp than everyone else has got. There isn’t a different version to get.

Never mind, it won’t do what I want it to do. I just want some lines the length I want them and know what they measure after they are made. Way to difficult to try and get a mouse to move fractions to where I need it. If there was a way to just type it in, that would save time.

You’re sure about that?

Really? I’ve now told you in two previous posts that you can draw something and just type in the dimension. Make it three.

Use the Dimension tool if you want to add dimensions to the drawing.

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Saying it can be done is different than telling someone how to do it. You are getting rude so go away.

I fail to understand why one would consider a response as rude, where someone is bending over backward to help. This forum is an outstanding resource for new users to become familiar with SketchUp. The essential ingredients for success in making use of this resource include a modicum of patience, an open mind and being respectful of those who voluntarily offer aid.


Ask meaningful questions, get answers, ACT upon information, learn.

Rinse, cycle, repeat.

Btw- I’d just put a great vid on to help, but with that response, it got ripped straight back off.

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