Drawing path with arcs of specific radius

Routing.skp (198.8 KB)
Hello, I was hoping someone could provide some suggestions for drawing arcs with a specific radius to create a path between two points. I need to create a path between these two “fixed” points (the circles, point A and Point B) without intersecting (or moving) the beam. The arcs however cannot have a radius less than 1500mm. It doesn’t appear that it’s possible in this case so ultimately I will need to know how to calculate the minimum horizontal distance between point A and B while maintaining the 1500 radius of all the curves. I need to do this type of thing once in a while I’ve never figured out a procedure (or tool) to do this.
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under the beam
… but maybe the shortest path isn’t the best path.
that might just work.

Changing the rules?

3-point arc tool.

not changing the rules, just missing a few. the end of the path must be perpendicular to the circles. ideally the arc is complete about 100mm from the face of each.

Have you tried using a half circle with a diameter equal to the distance between A and B, then move the half circle 100mm away?

kinda. I’m using circle groups and rotating them into place then exploding them. can’t quite get them all perfect to make seamless follow-me but I think I’m able to get (close to) my minimum distance at least.

It would have helped if you’d explained more about what you are trying to accomplish. Your latest screenshot adds a little clarification. Must the curves be arcs? Is that a requirement? Or can it just be a loose curve?

loose curve is fine too, as long as the minimum bend radius is always maintained. how did you drawing that?

I used a Bezier curve drawn with the Classic Bezier tool in Fredo6’s Bezier Spline extension.

thanks. ill give it a whirl. :slight_smile: