Drawing like working on a lathe

lathe.skp (3.2 MB)

Is there an other way to make the drawing like working on a lathe than use an intersection and folow me?

Yes but it’s a whole lot more work than Follow Me.

What are you actually trying to accomplish and where does “intersection” come into it with your model?

How can it get any easier?

You can also use the FollowMe on the negative and do them all at once :slight_smile:



Dave and Cris Thanks for the respons.

What I mean is to change the drawing of a (difficult) wood-turning part. In this case you will have to make a cross section and copy the half line, change the line where necessary and make a new one with follow me.

My goal in the future with SU is to make a drawing of an aircraft gas turbine engine with inner and outer cases, stator blades, rotor wheel and blades. Got too high? With some help from SU no problem. Nothing found in 3D WH.

Grt. Ab

Ok I found a cfm 56-b

Next question is how do you draw a change that does not contain the complete outline, so an out of center condition on the lathe?

Like this one.

Modeling off-center turnings is possible but it’s not going to be done in a single Follow Me operation. This table leg is turned on the lathe with two different pairs of centers. Modeling it in SketchUp involved two different Follow Me operations with the resulting shapes combined to create the ankle and foot of the leg.

The object in your photo would take a few more centers but it wouldn’t be very difficult to model.


Good info for further experience.



Can you explain the first part (group) again and slower pls.