Drawing axis changes

I’m trying to properly understand the drawing axis and model orientation. I’ve read on another post here somewhere something about “world axis” separate from drawing axis… I’ve not seen a “world axis” tool anywhere… anyway, here’s the situation I find myself in

I’ve been modeling a custom home I’m building. Been working on it for over a year now (both the model and the project). Some time ago I located the model in google earth and rotated it appropriately then rotated the drawing axis to be square with the model again. But I find that overhead section planes are rotated such that the model is not square to the screen. Thankfully, I found a tool that will rotate the model on screen such that the model is squared up with the screen edges (and printing). Worst aspect of this is that I am using the 3skeng tools, which are great time savers, but they seem to start from the original (“world”?) axis, so the first object I draw with these tools has to be rotated to the drawing axis.

So, I’m just curious if there is a reason that when orienting the model to google earth that the “world axis” does not follow suit? Work arounds are available so its not the end of the world, but this seems like counter intuitive behavior for the app to follow.

Thanks in advance for any info!


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