Drawing a curved panel with "lattice" openings

How do I draw a curved panel which has zig zag shaped openings. This:
SU curved lattice wall.skp (119.2 KB)
will explain what I am trying to draw. The lattice sections will have curves as shown in the model on only the first lattice piece. (too much work to draw the curves on all the pieces for the purpose of this question)
Thank you

Two ways that spring to mind,
Chris Fullmers Shape Bender
Fredo6’s Radial Bend, part of Fredo Scale both available from the Extension warehouse.


Another one with flowify

SU curved lattice wall_flowify.skp (327.6 KB)

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Thank you both, Box and Cotty.
I’ll need a bit of time to study this.

Thanks again,
I used Fredo6’s Radial bend. It seemed to me the easiest way in this case.
I also downloaded Chris Fullmer’s Shape bender. I must have made a mistake in installing it because the icon did not show up in my drawing.