Draw arc with bulge doesn't work

Drawing an arc with bulge doesn’t work. See the clip.

How long is the chord? How high is the bulge?

Sounds like a song lyric :nerd_face:


I suspect the arc has been scared off by all the guides. But poor jokes aside my guess would be that you have selected the point at which the arc became a straight line and so it has ‘vanished’ or has switched to a different axis, or none of the above.
Seeing the actual model and it’s scale world help answer the question.

If I let the bulge be 3/32" it will be created but then it’s too much. If I then change it to 1/16" to see if that is what I want, then it disappears. The horizontal distance is roughly 1 1/4" and vertically 5/16".

That’s very small. Try reducing the number of sides in the arc. Or scale the model up by a factor of 100 or 1000 and then draw it.