Draping on to flat plane

elevation drape.skp (326.3 KB)

Hi All

I am having difficulty getting the drape tool to work. I have an AutoCad survey which I have WBlocked an elevation into a small file, exploded polylines & blocks, removed all text and purged. The drawing has then been enlarged by 1000 times in AutoCad to convert from mm to meters. The drawing has then been audited and I checked with ID command and all lines are co-planar ie. z points=0. I am fairly confident that the AutoCad drawing is sound. When I import into Sketchup 19 (see attached model) and drape the lines to the plane below many of the lines don’t intersect with the plane. Over drawing the lines resolves some but not others which stubbornly wont intersect.

Does anyone know what the problem is here please? This must be fairly common

With Eneroth Flatten to Plane, Eneroth Face Creator, Edge Tools²

faces (SU 2017).skp (362.2 KB)

Hi Thanks for that, I have loaded the extensions you recommend and the result is much better, however there are still some lines which wont intersect with the plane. How did you manage to get these to work?

You’re welcome!

I deleted them and drew them again (one at a time).

Thanks Mihai.s, I finally managed to get all lines intersected although it took quite a bit of doing! 20 more elevations to go!Fortunately they are not all so detailed.
Thanks for your guidance.

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