Draped siteplan bitmap over terrain doesn't export to kml to show on google Earth

Hello - David Lanham, rank beginner here.

I draped a .png site plan as a texture over terrain. The site plan appears on my location terrain layer, correctly reflecting elevation change.

I also rectangled and extruded some buildings.

When I save this to kml to view in google earth only the buildings show.

How do I get the bitmapped, draped to terrain site plan to also export to GE?

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you,
David Lanham

The terrain Group created by Add Location is automatically assigned to a Layer named, Location Terrain
It gets left behind when exporting to KMZ.
But if you reassign the terrain group to Layer 0, it will come along in the KMZ into Google Earth.

Entity Info Layers

Oh man, thank you so much. I never woulda gotten that. Thanks.

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