Drag selection not working


Experiencing the next problem with drag selection tool: I start a brand new file, totally empty. I draw a cube, and try to use drag selection to select a face or edge of it. But the temporary selection box does not show, and the selection is not made. The same with lasso tool: it does not show, and does not work. There is nothing else, just a cube.
Graphic card: NVIDIA Quadro K1000M.
Fast feedback is off.
Multisample anti-aliasing set to: 0x
Restarted SkechUp several times, after every change.
I updated to SketchUpPro 2023 few days ago, and this function did work until today.
Thanks for help!

I heve seen similar problem reported here… however no solution mentioned there.

My suggestion:

  • Make sure no SketchUp is running.
  • Download a fresh installer file from here, right click on the installer file and chose Run as administrator. When prompted chose Repair.
  • Check and install latest driver from Nvidia site
  • Restart…